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Support you to find teaching jobs in China and help you to settle into new environment

Our Mission
Expand teaching careers in China and providing unforgettable adventures!

Teaching China is an education specialist consultancy. We strive to develop cross-cultural awareness by helping enthusiastic individuals find exciting opportunities to teach English in China. Our goal is to link Western and Chinese culture through the global teaching industry. We are seeking eager teachers who will fulfil our high standards of teaching in our schools across China. We provide ample teaching opportunities in locations spread across China and will support you in every step in moving and settling you into to a new career in China. It is a rewarding job opportunity which will allow you to immerse yourself in China’s rich society as well as gaining a deeper understanding of its fascinating culture.

Searching for teaching opportunities abroad can often be overwhelming. That is why Teaching China helps native English speakers to kick-start their teaching career by cutting the risk and hassle. We aim to provide opportunities for personal as well as professional growth and make your dream of living abroad come true.
China is a rapidly growing economy and provides a growing world of opportunities. Low cost of living, high wages and a growing demand for English language teaching services is what makes China an attractive teaching destination. Opportunities are widespread and diverse, choosing from Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary school, Middle school, High schools, Universities and even teaching Adults! If you prefer greater flexibility with working hours, there is an option to teach on hourly basis. Teaching China will help you to find suitable placements based on your experience and qualifications. We welcome both experienced TEFL teachers and teaching newbies!
Average Teaching Salaries in China
Monthly salary will depend on experience and qualifications. You can expect a monthly payment of RMB between 8000-16000 (£900-£1800 or $1200-$2400). Housing allowance is usually available. While salaries in Shanghai and Beijing are higher in comparison to other locations, the cost of living is considerably higher as well.
Average Cost Of Living in China
Rent (Single apartment)
1,000~2,000 RMB, 3,000+ RMB in Beijing or Shanghai
2,000 RMB
200 RMB
Monthly Utility:
200 RMB
500 RMB
500 RMB
What Do We Offer?
Quick connection to jobs
Working Visa sponsored by the school
Multiple choices of schools and cities
Flight ticket allowance
Competitive offers
Housing allowance (teacher’s dormitory)
Paid public holidays, summer and winter break
Paid sick leave
Medical insurance
Ongoing training opportunities
Support when you arrive in China
We take every step to make you feel comfortable in a new environment. You can contact us directly if you experience difficulties adapting to life in China or school environment. We maintain direct contact with the schools and will be able to sort out any issues you may have.
Bachelor Degree or Higher (Any Field)
Native English Speakers or Major In English In An English-Speaking Country For B.A Degree
No Criminal Record
Teaching Certification, TEFL or TESOL Certificate or Willingness To Obtain One
Teaching Experience Preferred But Not Required
Team Player With A Positive Attitude, Adaptable, Pleasant Personality